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It's easy to be on the other side. Not as easy to let your ego go and willfully sit and experience another point of view. So if you're here, I commend you. You chose not to ignore the call of the oppressed.Why are people screaming FREE PALESTINE?

Who are Palestinians?

Palestinians are people belonging to the land of Palestine. This land has so much rich history. Some of the greatest prophets have walked this land such as; Abraham, Jesus, Lot, Moses, and more.Palestinians are Muslim, Jew & Christian, living close together.Palestinians are a community of strong connection and culture. And if you have been paying attention to recent events, are some of the greatest people of faith.

But then; one day, settlers decided to disrupt it all.

The only thing they have yet to take is the strength and firm faith of the ones who truly own the land called Palestine.

Why is there a war?

What if someone knocked (or barged) into your door right now.They take your home and everything you own. You literally cannot fight back under any circumstances, you must stand by with a chance that regardless they may kill and harm any of your family at any given time. No matter what you do, the world will jump to their aid.Could you imagine the helplessness that you would feel?The sad part, this is barely the beginning.Without saying more, I want you to watch something. It's worth it.

Why does it matter?

I'll ask you, what if USA was invaded right now. Every city and home under attack. No medical assistance, no water, no food. The skies are grey, and rain water would be extremely toxic to consume with no means to filter the water.You or someone in your family has been harmed. Maybe some bones are sticking out of a huge open wound on your knee or maybe your abdomen.. maybe you just watched the one you love burst into a million pieces literally or someone you know got stuck under a building and nobody can get them out. You just listen to them scream as they die slowly.That's why you should care. Who will you cry out to? What could you do if there's literally nothing you could do. Don't make up scenarios where you come out the Victor just come to the realization that your victory is yet to come.

Who's telling the truth?

You know maybe there was a time when this question mattered and giving the answer was important.It has no value now.Israel has come to finally admit to their starting lies while also simultaneously continuing to lie in a comic manner. At this point I want to ask why you do not give YOURSELF more credit.None the less, let's take a look at this from another perspective.Is even one child okay to murder?Is it okay to wipe out an entire family because your worried just 1 of them might join the resistance?Why is there a need of resistance in the first place?Is it okay to watch mass murder while you enjoy your life?Is it okay to ignore it just to self satisfy?Is it okay to close a school because all the children who attended are no longer alive?Is it okay to attempt to fight back?

How can we help?

With assistance and food not being allowed to enter at all, it begs the question what can we do?You can still donate, and when that assistance can get through - may it be beneficial. But here's what you can really do right now.YES THIS REALLY DOES MATTER!Call & email your state representatives. Tell them you want a ceasefire. That innocent civilians deserve humanitarian aid.Share the message on all of your media platformsEducate yourself on the war, the resistance, and why it all mattersDo not give in to helplessness and think for a second that your voice does not matter.Join local protects. Show up for palestinians. Do not give up or back down until your demand for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid is met.Pray, pray and pray. If you're not religious than do what you can.Innocent human life is at stake and that is never okay.There is no excuse good enough to defend corruption.

"O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allāh, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allāh is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allāh is ever, of what you do, Aware."
- Quran 4:135

Help support our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Your money goes towards resources that will inshAllah make a positive impact on the civilians in harms way.Whatever you can offer, always counts. May Allah bestow upon you mercy and blessings for your efforts and contributions, Ameen.

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